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Beautiful, sexy, and exotic From Olla Ramlan

Beautiful, sexy, and exotic skins are images embedded in Olla Ramlan. This one model does not appear after a long time to get married and have kids. But when it comes back in the entertainment world, her name immediately dashed. She starred in a sitcom private television station which could have a high rating. Olla is also renowned as a lover of fashion and right now than busy as a model, she developed a fashion business.

Olla has a full name Febiolla Ramlan. She was born in Banjarmasin on February 15, 1980 from the couple and the Temple c. Ramlan Haji Muhhamad Tis'ah Assarah. Olla grew up in a family that is located. She was the sixth child of eleven siblings. Olla youngest sister, Cynthia, also a career in the entertainment world as a sitcom actress. His father was a coal and wood respected businessman in Banjarmasin is also the owner of a local television station "TV Ambassador".

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